We provided architectural and interior design services for a single family home with 4 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms, a private deck, generous living space and stylish finishes. The first floor features an open floor plan, which looks over a private deck. The large windows and skylights throughout the house provide an abundance of natural light.

The stone entrance porch leads into the spacious foyer, where a gracefully curved staircase rises to the left. The cased openings announce the entrance to the central gathering room. There are sliding patio doors that open into a private deck. There are wainscoting mouldings, along with wide baseboards, crown moldings, and door and window casings throughout the house that add warmth and character to this custom home. Axial site lines provide views into adjoining spaces while accent lighting draws attention to the fabric accents within the interior design.
Status: Completed, 2017.

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